Process Development Consultancy

Efforts are being made to improve the quality and efficiency of aluminum billet casting processes and improvement of the quality of the liquid metal, electrochemical processes like anodizing, heat treatment and metal manufacturing / metal forming processes.

By using scientific methods and measurement techniques, the current situation of the processes is determined, then compared with present technology / manufacturing levels and The Our Team are intervened to the process in the light of the scientific data available,

After the improvement studies, the measurements are compared again and the contribution of the improvement studies to the companies are shown in concrete and all operations are reported. Technical consultancy services are available on the following topics.

  • Development and Process control of Aluminum melting process and Metal Cleanliness improvement in Aluminum casting
  • Improvement of Fluxing and Degassing operation
  • Control of Molten Metal in Billet casting table and optimization of Melting Proces of aluminum
  • Optimization of Bilelt homogenization cycle (heating, soaking and cooling)
  • Speed, Productivity and Defect Analysis in Aluminum Extrusion Process
  • Process Development in Aluminum Die casting Process and Casting Failure Analysis
  • Vacuum Melting, Re-Melting and Refining Process for Metal Casting.
  • Titanium and Its alloys melting and casting